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Add: Room 1903, No. 22, Gaoxin Court, Heisey Technopark, Hi-tech Zone, Fuzhou Fujian China (Mainland) 350018(Mainland) 350007






  Haicheng International Trade  CO.,Ltd.was estadlished in july 2009,though a newly established international trading company,but its predecessor for Fuzhou Huicheng garments Co.,Ltd.since 2004,had been dedicated to processing and production of apparel products,to provide high quality products for the numerous world famous brands. In the background of financial crisis, upstream efforts to expand the international market, relying on many years of experience in production and processing to provide the best quality products and the most thoughtful services for international buyers.


We produce and manage various style clothes, are devoted to on the premise of safe environment protection of various raw materials, make the style more novel, wear more comfortable.


Along with the advancement of science and technology and the increase of people'sl living standard, advocating green, health care, has become a worldwide trend of consumption. In recent years, the protection environment for human survival and implementing the strategy of sustainable development gradually become the world economic development, the theme of textiles and clothing and textile chemicals used in the process of the consumers' health and safety and environmental and ecological produce high-impact problem seriously more and more. In the production process of textile fiber materials, processing will accompany dye or additives to bring or produce all sorts of poisonous and harmful substances, these poisonous and harmful substances in human skin contact with the process, and will continue to be released, when these poisonous and harmful material reaches a certain amount to the body skin and will harm caused by different degree of health. The rise of ecological textile, regarded as one of the textile industry is the "green revolution".


At present, in the international market, the standards of ecological textile about two views. An EU Eco-lable" advocated by all (or generalized) ecological textile concept, the evaluation standards lable Eco-covers the whole life cycle of product might affect environment, according to the standard, the ecological textile fiber used in growth or production process should not contaminated, also won't cause pollution to environment, ecological textile raw materials used by the use of renewable resources or not waste, ecological balance disorders and predatory resources development, Ecological textile after losing value in recycling or in natural conditions biodegradable digestion, Ecological textile, even with harmless with some health care function.


Another kind is the international ecological textile research and test association (Oeko-Tex) limited (or narrow), ecological concept of ecological textile fabrics standards is used in textile won't cause harm to human health, advocate the poisonous and harmful material for textile limited and reasonably establish corresponding quality monitoring system. Oeko Tex-100 (namely the European Standard ecological textile standards) first introduced the concept of ecological textile. Ecological textile, are those of the surroundings of harmless or less row material, and reasonable use of these materials to produce health harmless textiles.